Introducing the Private Equity Network
Equity and Merger Partner Solution for Private Companies

DCS is thrilled to announce the launch of its Private Equity Network.  The PEN is a new way for Private Companies to find Equity or a Merger Partner without hiring an expensive Advisor or Banker.

Our process is simple, fast and risk free.

DCS specializes in capital raises and merger transactions for: Growth companies that generate $3.0 Million in EBITDA or more per year

Here's How it Works.

1) Submit your financial information via our PEN form.

2) If DCS accepts your proposed transaction, we prepare a Transaction Summary for you to review and approve.

3) Approved Transaction Summaries are sent to our 2,000-strong Network of Capital Sources.

4) We connect you directly to the Capital Sources; you negotiate directly with the interested party.

* If you do not secure a Term Sheet from a Capital Source within 180 days your deposit will be refunded in full.

**All securities offered through Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd., member, FINRA and SIPC. Demeter Capital Solutions LLC and Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd. are independent entities. Officers of Demeter Capital Solutions LLC are licensed registered representatives of Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd.